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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Fallout Radio Report – The Republic of Texas #2

Hey hey Scavver’s Bay! Taggart here, bringin’ you all the news worth spoutin’ about.

Those of you who get out into the Gulf might be feelin’ a bit safer this week, after the raider ship known as Henson’s Revenge was captured by a group of mercs from here in the Bay. The ship was brought in and repaired before bein’ sailed back out into the gulf by her new captain, Johanna Chen, one of them mercs. Short Stack Stevens, former captain of the Revenge, has been reported as dead, along with all hands of the ship. Good riddance to a pack of raider scum. A fair few slaves were rescued from the raider camp where the ship was under repairs when the mercs found her, so if ya’ll were missing any friends or family to Gulfer raids, now might be a real good time for ya if they managed to make their way back.

Sheriff Hackwell reports that he’s lookin’ into the death of Cole Bowden, after the scavver lieutenant – an employee of Tilmont Salvage – was found dead, nailed to the outside of his home last night. All indications are pointin’ to an act of revenge by the ghouls of Charnel House for the damn grisly display that Bowden put on a few weeks ago, when he drove back into town with a live pack of ferals hangin’, shriekin’ and dyin’, off the side of his truck. Apparently they had surprised him and his team on a run and he decided it’d be a bit of fun to torture the things. While Sheriff Hackwell put a stop to it quick enough, quite a number of people in town saw, and in this reporter’s opinion it was a real fuckin’ mess. Several of the Bay’s ghoul residents called for some kind of retribution. The sheriff did fine him for disturbin’ the peace, but apparently somebody thought that weren’t enough of a punishment, as last night four masked people broke into his house, dragged him into the street, an’ nailed him to his house just like he did to them ferals. What a fuckin’ mess. Bowden is survived by his wife Nat and two boys, Tom and Mark.

In some lighter news, I got a report here that a small herd of wild horses was spotted in the Aggie’s Gate area by a Tres Viajeros caravan passin’ through. Widely considered to be extinct, this is one of several reports I’ve heard over the last few years about – oh, hold on. Joe, you can’t come in here! I’m on the damn radio! Fuck off! No, it’s locked, you assho – sorry folks. Hang on a minute.

(Music plays)

Alright, we’re back! Sorry ’bout that, folks. Had a bit of an unexpected visitor. That was Dirty Joe, rantin’ and ravin’ about some damn fool thing. Smelled like the inside of a still. Said he was seein’ lights in the sky when he was out lookin’ for mushrooms out east of town. Bet that idjit was eatin’ whatever mushrooms he found, no wonder he’s seein’ shit and talkin’ ’bout little green men come to probe him and whatnot. That’s crazier than when he said he saw a giant stinkin’ monkey-man followin’ him out in the Piney Woods last year.

Uhhh… if you don’t feel safe from green men in the sky, you oughta stop by Diego’s! He’s got all the guns you might need to defend the world from intergalactic invaders or whatever shit you see when you drink booze made from mushrooms. Tell him Taggart sent you so he keeps payin’ me!

Doc Mercedes is askin’ for any donations you might be able to spare for the Follower’s clinic an’ school. Them Followers of the Apocalypse do a lot for our community, teachin’ the younguns and makin’ sure we don’t all die of some terrible disease. Anythin’ you can do helps. Donations are accepted at the school any time – caps, medical supplies, even just your time. It all makes a difference.

Few stories from the Republic News Network ‘fore we get back to the music.

Says here that a small farmin’ community out west of San Alamo was hit by the Children of the Serpent last week. A few guards and such were killed, but most of ’em were dragged off by the Children, who reportedly take their captives back to feed some great serpent they worship. Fuckin’ raiders, man.

The gridiron game between the Big Rocket Longhorns and the Scavver’s Bay Buccaneers was won by our local Bucks nine to six last night at Legion Field in Big Rocket. Congratulations to our boys in black, particularly game MVP Big Boy Blake, who scored four goals and three incapacitations through the game, including one crippling injury on Longhorns player Screamin’ Joe Sizemore, who will apparently be out for at least a month. If you’re wantin’ to congratulate the team, they should be arrivin’ back in town with the Crimson Sands caravan early next week.

Word is that a few people have reported roamin’ eyebots in the Scar, blarin’ out some kind of message related to somethin’ called the United States Space Administration. Not real sure what that’s about, but apparently it’s related to some pre-War government thing.

Alright, that’s about enough talkin’ for now. Little bit later I’m gonna be doin’ an interview with pre-War ghoul and former resident of the Goose Creek Poseidon Energy Station, George Gonzalez, who’ll be sharin’ his thoughts on what a shithole life is now compared to his pre-War days, but how much better it is than bein’ locked in a power plant with a pack of feral ghouls for two hundred years.

Hope ya’ll are havin’ a great day, be good to each other, and fight that good fight. Back to the music.