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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Fallout Radio Report – Republic of Texas #1

“Hey hey Scavver’s Bay! Taggart here with all the news I feel like sharin’.

Hope y’all noticed that the lights are glowing brighter and my signal’s coming in nice and strong. That’s thanks to the good folks over at Gunderson’s Greatest Gears, where our friend TJ reminds us that if it ain’t Triple-G it ain’t shit! Accordin’ to my sources, mostly me having a beer with TJ down at the Rusty Cog, a new group of up-and-comers in town were sent out to the fusion power plant out by Goose Creek to see if they could get it up and runnin’ again. Some Triple-G scavvers had found a Poseidon Energy protectron that had the codes for the place in it, and this here band of mercs escorted that robot out there and got the whole place up and workin’. From the sound of things they had a hell of a time of it – got in a tussle with a bunch of raiders that had set up shop, then ran into a whole mess of laser turrets and ferals down in inside the place. They managed to fight their way through and get the whole place runnin’ again, and all that without blowin’ the whole thing and all of us into a smoking crater of nuclear death. For which we’re obliged. From what TJ tells me they managed to boost power here in Scavver’s Bay nearly 40%, meanin’ we’re going to have a lot fewer power failures throughout the Bay area. So if you see them mercs, buy ’em a beer. Seems like they’ve earned it.

In related news, Gwen, daughter of the town doc Mercedes is back in town. Turns out she ain’t run off to join a caravan to San Alamo after all – she was off bein’ a raider. Doc asked these mercs to bring her back if they could, and damned if they didn’t manage it. Gwen, if you’re listenin’, I’d like to extend you an offer – love to sit down a bit and talk to you ’bout your time as a no-good thieving sack of crap. Is it true once you go raider you never go back? Do we, as honest citizens of the Republic, have any reason to trust a vicious, mildly-repentant murderer in our midst? Can you ever really be trusted again? Hopefully we can sit down and talk about it!

In a sad bit of local news, looks like Blake & Sons lost a scavvin’ team to the Green Ghost last week. They were in the Scar near the Sugar Land area doin’ a routine sweep-and-snag in what shoulda been a pretty quiet residential neighborhood. They’d bedded down for the night when one of ’em – the only survivor – took a bit of a walk ‘fore he laid down. Tommy reports, in between all the cryin’, that when he got back the Green Ghost was in the middle of the camp, tearin’ its way into a small house most of ’em had holed up in. That big ol’ deathclaw apparently reached into the front door of the house, just ripped the wall down and rushed in, clawin’ and tearin’ everywhere. A few of ’em managed to get some shots off, but it didn’t do anything to the big beast but piss it off. Tommy told me he unloaded both barrels of his shotgun into the thing’s flank, then turned and just started runnin’ when it just seemed to shrug it off. The last he heard from the rest of the team was the screamin’. He made his way back to the Bay over the course of the next week, just got back last night. Ma Blake has dropped a pile of caps into the already-sizable bounty on the head of the Green Ghost, bringin’ the total up to 6,000 caps for the confirmed death of the beast. It’s recognized by its massive size, green glow, broken left horn, an’ the fact that it is an unholy abomination causin’ nothing but death and destruction throughout the Scar. If you think you can handle a massive glowin’ alpha deathclaw that’s killed four known scavver teams and some of the best hunters in the Bay, go have a word with Ma Blake down at Blake & Sons. Best advised to make your final peace ‘fore you head that way, though.

Now a quick word from our sponsors.

Your old gun got you down? Can’t handle the threats of the Scar? Don’t feel like a real man? You need to stop by Diego’s! Best guns in Scavver’s Bay, guaranteed. His face may be rotten but his prices are always fresh!

Isabella over at the Rusty Cog would like everyone to know that they got in a new batch of moonshine from Dirty Joe, and she’s real sorry about that last batch. Anybody sufferin’ from temporary hootch-related blindness is drinkin’ on Dirty Joe’s tab this week.

Turnin’ now to the Republic News Network… looks like Road Hogs raided a Big 10 Trader’s caravan on its way from San Alamo to Big Rocket. Six dead this time, though they did manage to scare ’em off before they took out more than one vehicle, which was left behind as the rest of the caravan rabbited. Word is the caravan was led by the Chrome Banshee herself, screamin’ and singin’ over the radio at the caravan as they attacked. The Chrome Banshee is understood by the Rangers to be one of the major lieutenants of the Road Hogs, reportin’ only to the King of the Road himself.

The local sheriff up in Quarry Lake is interested in any and all information pertainin’ to a female ghoul, name unknown, who let a sizable pack of ferals in past the defenses of a local scavver baron, and is believed to be responsible for the deaths of ten people. More information on this story as it comes available.

Junker’s Attic reminds you that if you need to buy or sell anythin’ – and we do mean anythin’ – they’re the place to go. Scrap, guns, ammo, armor, or bots, Junker’s Attic has a bit of everythin’. Mention this ad an’ get a free clip or energy cell with a purchase of a hundred caps or more.

And finally, don’t forget Gunderson’s Greatest Gears, where if it ain’t Triple-G it ain’t shit!

Quick station note – I’m always happy to get any new music from any scavvers who find it. I pay good caps for any new music I ain’t already got. You find somethin’, you let me know.

This is Taggart, signin’ off for now. Ya’ll be good to each other, and don’t forget to fight that good fight. Back to the music.