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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Well darn.

I didn’t make it into the RPG Superstar Top 32. Always next year.

Congratulations to those that did!


RPG Superstar Top 32 to be announced today!

Paizo will be announcing the Top 32 (the first cut) from their annual RPG Superstar contest today. I have an entry that I thought was pretty good, so I’m waiting with some nerves jangling. A new Wayfinder should come out soon with my second article in it, so I feel like I’m starting to dip my toes into the freelancing thing – getting chosen for RPG Superstar would help that quite a bit, I think. Here’s to hoping!

Learning Warmachine

I picked up a new game a few months ago – Warmachine, by Privateer Press. Normally I’m not one for wargames, but a friend of mine was pretty excited about it, so I thought I’d try it, and I had a good time. I’ve been picking things up here and there for it for a while, and have now started to amass a reasonable little force, though it’s not really playing to the strengths of my faction very well.

I’m playing a faction called Khador, themed around the Russian military with a bit of Hammer horror thrown in. So far I’ve just been playing with Kommander Sorscha, their starting warcaster (the leaders of the game, spellcaster-generals), but I’ve picked up a few more (Karchev and the first two versions of Vlad Tepeczi). I played in my first tournament last night at Tabletop Games in Overland Park. Had a pretty good time, and went 2-1 (won against a Trollkin and Cryx player, and lost against a Legion of Everblight player). There’s a league starting that will have players at both Hometown Games in Lawrence and Tabletop in Kansas City, so I’d be able to get some games in with some regularity, which would be nice.

Painting is different – I’m finding that I enjoy the assembly and modification process more than I enjoy the painting. Still, I’m trying to do something a little different with my models – they look more like winter stormtroopers than the normal “red and bronze” color of the faction. I’ll post some pictures when I have some more things painted up.