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Deadwood Town Locations and NPCs

The town of Deadwood lies in a valley in the north-eastern part of the Black Hills. The Hellstromme Industries trainyard (along with several workshops and a barracks) lies to the northeast, along with the town’s Chinatown area. The town proper has a main street consisting of a number of saloons, as well as a few shops and a large hotel, the Grand Central. This main street is busy and muddy, full of movement and raucous shouts until late in the night. The side streets, away from the saloons, are much quieter, mostly comprised of businesses and the homes of the people who live in Deadwood year-round.
It is currently late September as the group arrives in town, and the whole town is coated in a thin sheet of early snow, made muddy and greasy by the movement and life of the townsfolk. Half-frozen mud crunches and squishes underfoot.

Important Buildings

  • Gem Variety Theater (#13, largest brothel in town, also has gambling and occasional prizefighting, run by Al Swearengen)
  • Nuttal & Mann’s (#15, best spot for gambling in town, also a fair amount of drinking, run by a pair of businessmen from Detroit)
  • Bella Union Saloon (saloon and gambling hall, run by a couple from New York)
  • Green Front Theater (brothel and saloon, also tries to do real theater occasionally, run by Dora DuFran, a woman from Nebraska. Better girls than Gem,                       but also more expensive)
  • Bartleby’s Tavern (a particularly rowdy establishment, lots of drinking goes on here. Known to be the best place for a brawl in town)
  • Lotus Blossom Theater (brothel and theater in Chinatown, run by Chiaoshi Min)
  • Hangzhou’s (bar in Chinatown – caters to Chinese, not very welcoming of outsiders)
  • Grand Central Hotel (#12, a large hotel designed to accommodate miners and other rowdy folk – not very clean, but no questions)
  • Jerome’s Flophouse (#30, just what it says – a floor of this house was converted into a large room with bunks, useful for sleeping off a night of booze)
Shops and Businesses
  • Star & Bullock Commission Merchants (#21, mining supplies and hardware)
  • Mama Lou’s (#26, grocery and restaurant, run by a former slave and her children)
  • Deadwood Camp Store (#11, town general store, owned by E.B. Farnum)
  • Deadwood Pioneer (#28, town paper)
  • Dupree’s Smithy (#31, town smithy and repair shop, also occasional gunsmith)
  • Lord’s Summit Church (#3, town church, run by Rev. Horace Smith. Also has a small school for the few children in town, which is taught by Marian Hargrove)
  • Hellstromme Industries Trainyard (small trainyard and several accompanying buildings, including several homes and a barracks building)
  • Government
  • Deadwood Treaty Office (#35, coordinates mines and claims, local representatives of the Sioux, run by Patrick Three-Claws, a white-educated Sioux)
  • Jail and Sheriff’s Office (#33, contains several jail cells and offices for sheriff and his two deputies (Mick and Percy Whitmore))

Important People

Index Cards for NPCs

Town Proper
  • Ethan Bennet “EB” Farnum, owner of town general store and Grand Central Hotel, mayor
  • Seth Bullock, town sheriff and business owner
  • Patrick Three-Claws, head of the Deadwood Treaty Office and Sioux representative in town
  • Dr. Emil Szabo, head of Hellstromme Industries Deadwood operations and mine owner
  • Mr. Wu, unofficial “mayor” of Chinatown and representative in the town at large
  • Sol Star, co-owner of Star & Bullock Commission Merchants (mining supply store) and investor
  • Dr. Thomas Cottle, town physician
  • Bettie “Mama Lou” Lewis, owner of Mama Lou’s, local restaurant and grocery
  • A. W. Merrick, writer and editor of Deadwood Pioneer (town paper), contributor to the Tombstone Epitaph
  • Calamity Jane, occasional dime novel heroine and Union Army scout, currently bouncer at the Green Front Theater
  • Anton Dupree, town blacksmith, black Cajun freeman
  • Marian Hargrove, town schoolmarm, older woman, very religious and stern. Disapproves of much of town citizenry.
Notable Local MIners
  • Whitney Ellsworth, elected head of the Deadwood Miner’s Association and frequent rival of Patrick Three-Claws
  • Feng Tzu, Chinese mine owner of and employer of a number of the town’s Chinese population.
  • Abigail Atherton, mine owner from the Confederacy, one of the more ruthless miners in the camp.
  • Fritz Eisenberg, German owner of the Homestake Mine (though he’s been missing for about two months – his daughter, Felicia, is currently in charge)
  • Caradog Pritchard, very territorial miner from Wales, neighbor to Tinwater Mine that Sam and Kate bought.
  •      Mr. Wu Tsui, representative of Chinatown in the larger Deadwood community, business owner
  •      Feng Tzu, mine owner and employer of the largest number of people in Chinatown. Probably the most influential voice in the community.
  •      Dien Hangzhou, owner of Hangzho and opium dealer
  •      Xiao Long, Buddhist monk and occasional sifu to people in the community
  •      Chiaoshi Min, high-class courtesan, runs the Lotus Blossom Theater
  •      Wise Qian, local wise woman and healer
  •      Sagacious Zheng, local mystic, crafter of talismans, charms, and devices, rival of Wise Qian
  •      Gao Chan, head of the Black Tiger gang (works for Feng Tzu)
  •      Li Bao, head of the Thunder Dragon gang
  •      Heishe Xuanfeng, head of the Two Rivers gang

2 responses to “Deadwood Town Locations and NPCs

  1. Anonymous November 13, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    Hey, you used my Deadwood sketch. Got it from th Mythic eras page? Would be nice with the creds in place 😀
    Cheers, Grindoctor

  2. tap September 5, 2016 at 9:08 am

    It seems your locations are a bit different a street map I found on the internet at http://rpglabyrinth.blogspot.com/2011/11/old-west-map.html. Also some locations aren’t numbered. Do you think you may update? If not thanks for the great pictorial of old Deadwood.

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