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Deadlands PCs

Here are the PCs for the Deadlands game I’m currently running. They’re in Deadwood, trying to sort out all the things that seem to be going wrong in town – why winter got such a powerful start so early, who’s sabotaging the town’s food supplies, what that weird howling is in the wilderness outside town, what’s going on in the Satan’s Garden Mine, how Al Swearengen has such a powerful grip on the townsfolk, why the Sioux dynamited a bridge leading into town, and why one of the gangs in Chinatown suddenly seems more powerful than all the rest. There’s a heap of trouble facing this posse.

  • Ciks, a half-Lakota marksman who is looking for his mother’s tribe.
  • Jin Shan, also known as Chow Chow, a Buddhist monk on a quest for redemption, his family, and the perfect pork dumpling.
  • Kate Dulé, former outlaw and bandit, who wants to settle down now that her beloved Sam has returned to her. Just one problem… he’s dead.
  • Liu Chen, a white orphan raised by a martial artist and educated as a Chinese doctor in Shan Fan. He’s a master of both needle and katana.
  • Mick O’Shaugnessey, deputy of Deadwood. Mick is a short, hot-tempered deputy with a whole passel of secrets, on the run from one brother while chasing after another.
  • Natasha Burgherhoff, a scientist with a powerful hatred for Hellstromme and all his doings.
  • Sam Dulé, former bandit, formerly living. Some fellows down Texas way didn’t take too well to a black man romancing a white schoolmarm, and filled Sam full of holes. That drove Kate right around the bend, but Sam eventually found his way back to her – after she’d adopted a life of crime and revenge.

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