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Campaign and Conversion Retrospective

So, as I said in my last post, my Fallout game has come to an end. As a result, I’ve also shelved the Savage Worlds Fallout conversion that I worked on for the campaign. I’m going to post a bit about what I learned during the process.

First, I really need to learn layout and figure out how to put art together for a project like this, particularly with SWAG starting soon. I do plan to write for SWAG; I’ve thought about starting in the DM’s Guild as well since I’ve gotten into 5e, but it seems like that’s a pretty established marketplace so I’m not sure how easy it would be to break into now. I personally think that the most prominent and linked SW conversion for Fallout isn’t very good mechanically, but it LOOKS good, and so it’s popular.

Second, there were some things that I planned on putting together that I never really got to, mostly because my players didn’t seem to be interested.

  • I was going to put together a system for modding weapons similar to the armor mods in the Gear document, but never did.
  • I was also going to write up the different suits of power armor in the setting, but that never ended up being necessary either. My basic plan was to use the Power Armor rules from the SFC along with a few hindrances to give extra mod slots, like Power Hog (the T-45) and such. Base armor for Power Armor was going to be +8, topping out at +10 Heavy Armor for really beefy suits like the X-01 that’s pretty much immune to small-arms fire.
  • The other thing that I never ended up making was a random loot table. I reference it a few times in the existing documents – the plan was to have basically three card-based loot tables; I think I called them Meager, Moderate, and Rich loot. Each would have been a full 54-card loot table, with the loot on them generally broken down as Spades = weapons and armor, Clubs = gear and raw materials, Diamonds = money and valuables, and Hearts = notes and other information drops.

The campaign that I ran went quite well. I had good players and fun PCs. We played biweekly on Sunday nights, though our sessions were a bit spotty in terms of actual attendance. The basic plotline was that the PCs started in Scavver’s Bay, worked for some of the scavver barons there, then started exploring the region. They wandered into the ruins of Houston, freed a Vault full of psychics from a malevolent AI, met pirates living on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, shot at a UFO and found mathematical coordinates embedded in crop circles, met and befriended an alien under the Gulf of Mexico (who was totally going to betray them), killed a bloodworm queen that was causing a famine in the Republic, found the family of a pre-War glowing one ghoul that had been stuck in a nuclear power station for 200 years, and joined ghoul terrorists in an attack on a Brotherhood of Steel compound. The plan for the end of the campaign was for them to be offered positions as colonists in a colony vessel buried under Houston by an AI that had found a habitable colony world. They would have to decide if they wanted to go there, who to take, or if they wanted to use the resources from the ship (including a Garden of Eden Creation Kit) to rejuvenate the Republic of Texas and renew the world around them.

Looks like next up will be an underwater campaign using a fantasy setting I’ve been working on for a while now. Expect to see more of that setting in the future, and quite possibly on the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild!


Savage Fallout – Final Version

So my Savage Worlds Fallout game has come to an end. Player schedules killed it in the end, probably a few weeks before we were able to reach the end of the plot I had in mind. I tried to speed it up to finish before things ended, but it didn’t happen. So it goes.

Since I’m now done with that project, I’m going to upload the final versions of the materials I prepared, and won’t be advancing the conversion any further. To that end, here are the documents as I currently have them; I just converted the Word documents to PDF and uploaded them to WordPress. I’m not an artist, so they’re not too fancy, but I hope you find them useful.

2018-06-18 07.42.16Adventure Cards – A full deck of custom adventure cards with Fallout art. To use these, I printed them on cardstock, cut them up, and sleeved them in blue card sleeves for Magic or other card games. I also put them in Vault 219 Tuckbox.

Bottlecaps – Short document containing rules for bottlecaps as bennies, based mostly on Deadlands fate chips.

Chems – An adaptation of most of the chems in Fallout to Savage Worlds, including chemist rules for an Arcane Background-like chemist character.

Gear – Armor, weapons, and a little bit of Fallout-specific gear. This is intended to be a complete list of armor and weapons; don’t use the stuff in the core book as well as this.

Player’s Guide – The core of the setting conversion – races, edges, hindrances, and setting rules for use in the Fallout setting.

Republic of TexasRepublic of Texas – a brief primer on the setting I used, a custom region of the Fallout world centered in eastern and central Texas.

Wasteland Archetypes – player character archetypes for the Fallout setting

Wasteland Threats – Creatures and some humanoid threats from Fallout.

Fallout Map Brushes for GIMP – I used these to create the above map; they’re the map icons from Fallout 4 converted into GIMP brushes for use in the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Fallout Paper Miniatures – These are paper minis I created from Fallout art and resources. They were created using Wyloch’s paper miniatures methods; the files are GIMP .xcf files.



Fallout Radio Report – The Republic of Texas #2

Hey hey Scavver’s Bay! Taggart here, bringin’ you all the news worth spoutin’ about.

Those of you who get out into the Gulf might be feelin’ a bit safer this week, after the raider ship known as Henson’s Revenge was captured by a group of mercs from here in the Bay. The ship was brought in and repaired before bein’ sailed back out into the gulf by her new captain, Johanna Chen, one of them mercs. Short Stack Stevens, former captain of the Revenge, has been reported as dead, along with all hands of the ship. Good riddance to a pack of raider scum. A fair few slaves were rescued from the raider camp where the ship was under repairs when the mercs found her, so if ya’ll were missing any friends or family to Gulfer raids, now might be a real good time for ya if they managed to make their way back.

Sheriff Hackwell reports that he’s lookin’ into the death of Cole Bowden, after the scavver lieutenant – an employee of Tilmont Salvage – was found dead, nailed to the outside of his home last night. All indications are pointin’ to an act of revenge by the ghouls of Charnel House for the damn grisly display that Bowden put on a few weeks ago, when he drove back into town with a live pack of ferals hangin’, shriekin’ and dyin’, off the side of his truck. Apparently they had surprised him and his team on a run and he decided it’d be a bit of fun to torture the things. While Sheriff Hackwell put a stop to it quick enough, quite a number of people in town saw, and in this reporter’s opinion it was a real fuckin’ mess. Several of the Bay’s ghoul residents called for some kind of retribution. The sheriff did fine him for disturbin’ the peace, but apparently somebody thought that weren’t enough of a punishment, as last night four masked people broke into his house, dragged him into the street, an’ nailed him to his house just like he did to them ferals. What a fuckin’ mess. Bowden is survived by his wife Nat and two boys, Tom and Mark.

In some lighter news, I got a report here that a small herd of wild horses was spotted in the Aggie’s Gate area by a Tres Viajeros caravan passin’ through. Widely considered to be extinct, this is one of several reports I’ve heard over the last few years about – oh, hold on. Joe, you can’t come in here! I’m on the damn radio! Fuck off! No, it’s locked, you assho – sorry folks. Hang on a minute.

(Music plays)

Alright, we’re back! Sorry ’bout that, folks. Had a bit of an unexpected visitor. That was Dirty Joe, rantin’ and ravin’ about some damn fool thing. Smelled like the inside of a still. Said he was seein’ lights in the sky when he was out lookin’ for mushrooms out east of town. Bet that idjit was eatin’ whatever mushrooms he found, no wonder he’s seein’ shit and talkin’ ’bout little green men come to probe him and whatnot. That’s crazier than when he said he saw a giant stinkin’ monkey-man followin’ him out in the Piney Woods last year.

Uhhh… if you don’t feel safe from green men in the sky, you oughta stop by Diego’s! He’s got all the guns you might need to defend the world from intergalactic invaders or whatever shit you see when you drink booze made from mushrooms. Tell him Taggart sent you so he keeps payin’ me!

Doc Mercedes is askin’ for any donations you might be able to spare for the Follower’s clinic an’ school. Them Followers of the Apocalypse do a lot for our community, teachin’ the younguns and makin’ sure we don’t all die of some terrible disease. Anythin’ you can do helps. Donations are accepted at the school any time – caps, medical supplies, even just your time. It all makes a difference.

Few stories from the Republic News Network ‘fore we get back to the music.

Says here that a small farmin’ community out west of San Alamo was hit by the Children of the Serpent last week. A few guards and such were killed, but most of ’em were dragged off by the Children, who reportedly take their captives back to feed some great serpent they worship. Fuckin’ raiders, man.

The gridiron game between the Big Rocket Longhorns and the Scavver’s Bay Buccaneers was won by our local Bucks nine to six last night at Legion Field in Big Rocket. Congratulations to our boys in black, particularly game MVP Big Boy Blake, who scored four goals and three incapacitations through the game, including one crippling injury on Longhorns player Screamin’ Joe Sizemore, who will apparently be out for at least a month. If you’re wantin’ to congratulate the team, they should be arrivin’ back in town with the Crimson Sands caravan early next week.

Word is that a few people have reported roamin’ eyebots in the Scar, blarin’ out some kind of message related to somethin’ called the United States Space Administration. Not real sure what that’s about, but apparently it’s related to some pre-War government thing.

Alright, that’s about enough talkin’ for now. Little bit later I’m gonna be doin’ an interview with pre-War ghoul and former resident of the Goose Creek Poseidon Energy Station, George Gonzalez, who’ll be sharin’ his thoughts on what a shithole life is now compared to his pre-War days, but how much better it is than bein’ locked in a power plant with a pack of feral ghouls for two hundred years.

Hope ya’ll are havin’ a great day, be good to each other, and fight that good fight. Back to the music.


Fallout Radio Report – Republic of Texas #1

“Hey hey Scavver’s Bay! Taggart here with all the news I feel like sharin’.

Hope y’all noticed that the lights are glowing brighter and my signal’s coming in nice and strong. That’s thanks to the good folks over at Gunderson’s Greatest Gears, where our friend TJ reminds us that if it ain’t Triple-G it ain’t shit! Accordin’ to my sources, mostly me having a beer with TJ down at the Rusty Cog, a new group of up-and-comers in town were sent out to the fusion power plant out by Goose Creek to see if they could get it up and runnin’ again. Some Triple-G scavvers had found a Poseidon Energy protectron that had the codes for the place in it, and this here band of mercs escorted that robot out there and got the whole place up and workin’. From the sound of things they had a hell of a time of it – got in a tussle with a bunch of raiders that had set up shop, then ran into a whole mess of laser turrets and ferals down in inside the place. They managed to fight their way through and get the whole place runnin’ again, and all that without blowin’ the whole thing and all of us into a smoking crater of nuclear death. For which we’re obliged. From what TJ tells me they managed to boost power here in Scavver’s Bay nearly 40%, meanin’ we’re going to have a lot fewer power failures throughout the Bay area. So if you see them mercs, buy ’em a beer. Seems like they’ve earned it.

In related news, Gwen, daughter of the town doc Mercedes is back in town. Turns out she ain’t run off to join a caravan to San Alamo after all – she was off bein’ a raider. Doc asked these mercs to bring her back if they could, and damned if they didn’t manage it. Gwen, if you’re listenin’, I’d like to extend you an offer – love to sit down a bit and talk to you ’bout your time as a no-good thieving sack of crap. Is it true once you go raider you never go back? Do we, as honest citizens of the Republic, have any reason to trust a vicious, mildly-repentant murderer in our midst? Can you ever really be trusted again? Hopefully we can sit down and talk about it!

In a sad bit of local news, looks like Blake & Sons lost a scavvin’ team to the Green Ghost last week. They were in the Scar near the Sugar Land area doin’ a routine sweep-and-snag in what shoulda been a pretty quiet residential neighborhood. They’d bedded down for the night when one of ’em – the only survivor – took a bit of a walk ‘fore he laid down. Tommy reports, in between all the cryin’, that when he got back the Green Ghost was in the middle of the camp, tearin’ its way into a small house most of ’em had holed up in. That big ol’ deathclaw apparently reached into the front door of the house, just ripped the wall down and rushed in, clawin’ and tearin’ everywhere. A few of ’em managed to get some shots off, but it didn’t do anything to the big beast but piss it off. Tommy told me he unloaded both barrels of his shotgun into the thing’s flank, then turned and just started runnin’ when it just seemed to shrug it off. The last he heard from the rest of the team was the screamin’. He made his way back to the Bay over the course of the next week, just got back last night. Ma Blake has dropped a pile of caps into the already-sizable bounty on the head of the Green Ghost, bringin’ the total up to 6,000 caps for the confirmed death of the beast. It’s recognized by its massive size, green glow, broken left horn, an’ the fact that it is an unholy abomination causin’ nothing but death and destruction throughout the Scar. If you think you can handle a massive glowin’ alpha deathclaw that’s killed four known scavver teams and some of the best hunters in the Bay, go have a word with Ma Blake down at Blake & Sons. Best advised to make your final peace ‘fore you head that way, though.

Now a quick word from our sponsors.

Your old gun got you down? Can’t handle the threats of the Scar? Don’t feel like a real man? You need to stop by Diego’s! Best guns in Scavver’s Bay, guaranteed. His face may be rotten but his prices are always fresh!

Isabella over at the Rusty Cog would like everyone to know that they got in a new batch of moonshine from Dirty Joe, and she’s real sorry about that last batch. Anybody sufferin’ from temporary hootch-related blindness is drinkin’ on Dirty Joe’s tab this week.

Turnin’ now to the Republic News Network… looks like Road Hogs raided a Big 10 Trader’s caravan on its way from San Alamo to Big Rocket. Six dead this time, though they did manage to scare ’em off before they took out more than one vehicle, which was left behind as the rest of the caravan rabbited. Word is the caravan was led by the Chrome Banshee herself, screamin’ and singin’ over the radio at the caravan as they attacked. The Chrome Banshee is understood by the Rangers to be one of the major lieutenants of the Road Hogs, reportin’ only to the King of the Road himself.

The local sheriff up in Quarry Lake is interested in any and all information pertainin’ to a female ghoul, name unknown, who let a sizable pack of ferals in past the defenses of a local scavver baron, and is believed to be responsible for the deaths of ten people. More information on this story as it comes available.

Junker’s Attic reminds you that if you need to buy or sell anythin’ – and we do mean anythin’ – they’re the place to go. Scrap, guns, ammo, armor, or bots, Junker’s Attic has a bit of everythin’. Mention this ad an’ get a free clip or energy cell with a purchase of a hundred caps or more.

And finally, don’t forget Gunderson’s Greatest Gears, where if it ain’t Triple-G it ain’t shit!

Quick station note – I’m always happy to get any new music from any scavvers who find it. I pay good caps for any new music I ain’t already got. You find somethin’, you let me know.

This is Taggart, signin’ off for now. Ya’ll be good to each other, and don’t forget to fight that good fight. Back to the music.

A few Fallout creatures

I’m well into the processing of getting ready for my next game, a Savage Worlds conversion of Fallout set in Texas. I’ll be posting a more detailed conversion later, once I’ve got it laid out in a more pretty fashion, but for now here’s a sample or two of some iconic Fallout creatures, as well as one of my own.



The most common mirelurk is a large arthropod with a thick, dome-like shell and a pair of vicious pincers. It spends most of its time in the water or buried in the mud; while dug in it tends to look like a large rock protruding from the ground. When roused, it bursts forth from the ground and charges at any threats or prey it sees, letting loose a clattering shriek to alert others nearby.

Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8

Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d6, Stealth d4

Charisma: 0; Pace: 5; Parry: 5; Rad Resist: –; Toughness: 12 (6)

Special Abilities:

  • Aquatic: Mirelurks can breathe both air and water equally. They are too heavy to swim effectively; instead they walk along the bottom of the water at their normal pace.
  • Armor +6: The carapace of a mirelurk can shrug off most gunfire without much effect. The legs (called shot at -2) and head (-4) are considerably less armored at Armor +2.
  • Bloodrage: A few mirelurks are maddened by the scent of blood. They have the Frenzy edge, and whenever a living creature within 10” of them takes a Wound, they go Berserk, as the edge. They gain +2 to Fighting attacks, melee damage rolls, and Toughness, but suffer a -2 penalty to their Parry. Additionally, if they roll a 1 on a melee attack they may hit any adjacent target, as the Innocent Bystander rules.
  • Dig In: A mirelurk can dig into the mud or sand, gaining Heavy Cover (+4 to Stealth rolls and -4 to attacks against it, and preventing called shots against any of its more vulnerable points). In this state, it can see without any issues, though it takes a turn for the mirelurk to dig itself free before it can attack or move. Most of the time several mirelurks will wait until prey is close or even amongst the creatures before they start bursting out of the ground.
  • Immune to Radiation: Mirelurks are immune to radiation.



Rattlers are large, two-headed rattlesnakes native to the central and western wastes. They are over twenty feet long, and when threatened they coil up, their two heads weaving to find a good position to strike while their tail rattle hisses a final warning. They are large enough to hunt humans, but tend to prefer easier prey like molerats and radstags unless food has been scarce. They are prized for their poison, fangs, and leather, which are marks of honor among tribals and some raider gangs.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d8

Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidate d8, Notice d8

Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Rad Resist: 6; Toughness: 10 (2)

Special Abilities:

  • Armor +2: The scaled hide of a rattler is tough.
  • Bite: Str+d4, Reach 2” and poison. A creature shaken by a rattler’s bite must make a Vigor roll each round or suffer a wound; a raise on the Vigor roll ends this.
  • Extra Action: The two heads of a rattler can act somewhat independently, allowing them to take an extra action each turn without a multi-action penalty.
  • Infravision: As pit vipers, rattlers can sense the heat of living creatures. They ignore all darkness penalties.
  • Rattle: When roused to anger, the tail that gives the rattler its name lets out a loud buzz. This functions as an Intimidate Test of Will against all creatures within 6” of the rattler as an action.
  • Size +2: Rattlers are large creatures, around twenty feet long and weighing hundreds of pounds. When coiled to fight, they occupy a 2” square on the battlefield.


Deathclaw (Wild Card)

This terror of the wasteland is a deadly beast, capable of tearing apart even power armor soldiers with its armor-piercing claws. It was created as a shocktrooper by the pre-War US government, but has since spread across the wasteland as a deadly apex predator. It’s roughly humanoid, with scaled skin and a horned head. A long tail extends behind it as it walks with a hunched posture, though it can also move comfortably on all fours. In combat, it mostly tears into its prey with its claws, though it’s more than clever enough to surprise with its tactical cunning.

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8 (A), Spirit d10, Strength d12+4, Vigor d12+2

Skills: Athletics d8, Fighting d10, Intimidation d8, Notice d6

Charisma: 0; Pace: 8; Parry: 7; Rad Resist: –; Toughness: 16 (4)

Special Abilities:

  • Armor +4: The scaly hide of a deathclaw is highly resistant to weapons.
  • Claws: The claws of a deathclaw are Str+d8 Reach 1” AP6 heavy weapons.
  • Combat Reflexes: Engineered for battle, deathclaws get a +2 bonus to recover from shaken.
  • Hardy: Deathclaws ignore additional shaken results if they’re already shaken.
  • Immune to Radiation: Deathclaws are creatures of the wastes, and are immune to radiation.
  • Improved Frenzy: The claws of a deathclaw move with terrifying speed – they can make two Fighting attacks each round without penalty, rolling a single wild die.
  • Infravision: Deathclaws can detect the heat of living creatures, and halve the penalties for bad lighting when attacking living targets.
  • Quick: Deathclaws are fast creatures, discarding and redrawing any action card of a 5 or less.
  • Size +3: On a battlemap, a deathclaw occupies a 2” square.
  • Tail Sweep: A deathclaw can sweep with its whiplike tail as an action. Make a Fighting roll against all adjacent enemies. A success deals Str damage; a raise deals the same damage and knocks the target prone.

Savage Iron Kingdoms!

So I’ve been running my Savage Iron Kingdoms game for several years now. I think the end is now in sight – I’ve given them a bunch of clues about the final battle’s locations, and they’re starting to gather allies for the big finish. Should be a good time.

I’ve not been using this blog for some time, but I do want to have this content available, so I’m posting my Savage Iron Kingdoms material that I’ve been using.

Here’s the link to the download.

Lots of changes!

Quite a few things have changed since my last post on this blog. A few of note…

1. I moved from Kansas to Alaska. Big change. New people, new home, new job, etc. I like it quite a bit – we’ve been here about a year now. This did mean I’ve had to give up my gaming group of… what, twelve years? Thirteen? I started gaming with them in college in about 2000, and moved in July of 2013. That’s a long, long time, and I miss them. Still, I like gaming, so that led to…

2. I’ve been running Pathfinder Society games for about eight months now in Anchorage. It’s pretty enjoyable – we’ve got a solid core group of players, maybe about eight or so people we see in and out regularly, and several more that come and go. It’s an interesting way to game, and I find that I rather like the way things are more or less reset after every session to a known state. I’ve found that I’m more satisfied with it as a gaming outlet than I expected to be.

3. I started writing for a Pathfinder 3rd Party Publisher called Flying Pincushion. I don’t have a lot of stuff out yet (an archetype in Into the Breach: Witches is all that’s out so far) but I’ve got stuff in the upcoming Alchemist book as well, and am working on things in a few other products. I’m a fan of the way the writing process works there – we use a Google Drive to collaborate, commenting on other people’s work and receiving feedback from the whole community on our own. I think it strengthens the output quite a bit.

4. I ran a two or three month Savage Worlds Dark Sun game that, unfortunately, didn’t work out. Kids are rough on games, especially 1.5 year old kids. We were gaming at the home of the parents, and I found that we didn’t regularly get started until 9 or 9:30, which makes it tough to get much gaming in.

I’m starting to consider my next attempt at a long-form campaign, now that we’ve got two or three other people stepping up to GM Pathfinder Society games in town. I’m thinking I’ll invite some of my favorite players that I’ve met to a Savage Worlds game. Right now I’m thinking about an Iron Kingdoms conversion to the Savage Worlds rules – I’ll likely be posting some of that here as I develop it.

Well darn.

I didn’t make it into the RPG Superstar Top 32. Always next year.

Congratulations to those that did!

RPG Superstar Top 32 to be announced today!

Paizo will be announcing the Top 32 (the first cut) from their annual RPG Superstar contest today. I have an entry that I thought was pretty good, so I’m waiting with some nerves jangling. A new Wayfinder should come out soon with my second article in it, so I feel like I’m starting to dip my toes into the freelancing thing – getting chosen for RPG Superstar would help that quite a bit, I think. Here’s to hoping!

Learning Warmachine

I picked up a new game a few months ago – Warmachine, by Privateer Press. Normally I’m not one for wargames, but a friend of mine was pretty excited about it, so I thought I’d try it, and I had a good time. I’ve been picking things up here and there for it for a while, and have now started to amass a reasonable little force, though it’s not really playing to the strengths of my faction very well.

I’m playing a faction called Khador, themed around the Russian military with a bit of Hammer horror thrown in. So far I’ve just been playing with Kommander Sorscha, their starting warcaster (the leaders of the game, spellcaster-generals), but I’ve picked up a few more (Karchev and the first two versions of Vlad Tepeczi). I played in my first tournament last night at Tabletop Games in Overland Park. Had a pretty good time, and went 2-1 (won against a Trollkin and Cryx player, and lost against a Legion of Everblight player). There’s a league starting that will have players at both Hometown Games in Lawrence and Tabletop in Kansas City, so I’d be able to get some games in with some regularity, which would be nice.

Painting is different – I’m finding that I enjoy the assembly and modification process more than I enjoy the painting. Still, I’m trying to do something a little different with my models – they look more like winter stormtroopers than the normal “red and bronze” color of the faction. I’ll post some pictures when I have some more things painted up.